About Us

VR-Language is a VR language learning platform with a focus on developing the best language learning tool world-wide. Our experienced research committee has always been thinking that the best way to learn a language is to be in a simulated environment where one has to feel himself in that scenario and visualize it as real as the life. VR technology can amazingly make this happen. VR technology is already used to teach biology, history, and geography, but a comprehensive and quality English language education system has not yet been introduced. Therefore, we thought of putting a team of experts together for developing a VR education system to provide an interactive environment for learning English which is fast, effective and literally “Once for Always!”

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Our Awesome Team

Dr. Abbas Daavari

CEO TESOL PhD & Civil Engineer

Abbas is a serial entrepreneur and has a rich and varied background in the field of TESOL for over 18 years in a variety of setting. He is the innovator of CROSSCUT education system and has considerable experience in the areas of teacher-training, curriculum development and project management.

Naser Owrangi

COO Business Developer & Advisor Civil Engineer

Naser is an experienced manager and entrepreneur with many years of experience in the real estate and construction industry, he has worked with several successful startups as co-founder, investor and advisor.

Mohammad H. Zahedrouzegar

CTO Software & VR Developer IT Engineer
Mohammad Hassan Zahedrozegar-محمد حسن زاهدروزگار

Mohammad is an experienced IT project manager and has been involved as the project lead in several software development projects before VR-language, he is also a senior VR software programmer as well as several Computer Programming Languages.

Kiarash Rafiee

CDO Learn Space & VR Content developer TEFL B.S.

Kia is a skilled English instructor and teacher-trainer with more than 17 years of experience. He has extensive experience helping students prepare for success in general English in multicultural settings. In VR-learning team, he effectively helped for developing VR lesson plans and contents.

Dr. Hosein Ziaratzadeh

Learn Space Content Developer TEFL associate and Pharmacist

Hosein is over 20-year- experienced instructor with successful teaching background. In our team he truly helps in material preparation and content development. He’s also been involved in many projects as a researcher and project manager.

Mohammad Bagheri

Software & Web Developer Electrical Engineer

Mohammad is a software developer and IT expert, before joining VR-language team. He had worked in several IT companies as product manager, IT manager and software developer. In VR-language team he mainly helped in web developing and graphic designing.