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image Benefits

Unlock a new World!

Now, you can learn a new language in a fully IMMERSIVE way.

A more meaningful and memorable learning that give direct scenarios that students might encounter, and which are normally impossible to simulate in a traditional language course.

4x Faster Than Classroom Learning

With our #1 English learning VR app, you can practice at your own pace with an unbelievable higher speed.

By Language Experts

Very clever language learning design with variety of challenges and reviews to make your learning fun and long-lasting in different levels.

World At Home

Learn a language Anywhere, Anytime without the difficulties of course schedules, heavy traffic and boring classes.

Customize What Interests You

Explore your topics that are relevant to your life and business and no need to learn some boring and useless topics.

image Why VR-Language?

VR-Language Learning

Immerse yourself into a virtual environment, complete with characters that speak only the language you need to learn.

  • Real Experience

    Direct real-life simulations and role-plays which are normally impossible to encounter in a college language course to build your Self-Confidence

  • Speed Up Learning

    15-20 minute, bite-sized lessons easily fit into your busy schedule

  • Exact Fit

    To save time, all lesson plans and difficulty of materials have tailored for your English level after having a quick placement test

  • Learn in Private Setting

    You can go at your own pace and style of learning anywhere, anytime

image Why VR-Language?
  • In-Lesson Grading

    Instantly you can see your answers and how much your conversation was correct

  • Error-Correction

    Instantly your error will be corrected and you’re asked to repeat them

  • Deep Learning and Reviews

    Variety of practices and regular reviews on your specific errors and other materials in your “Learn Space” to make it long-lasting via setting “Practice Reminders”

  • English for Business

    Apart from your daily language needs, you can improve your business conversations like Job Interviews and Workplace Conversations and public Speaking

image Our Features

VR Here To Help

Our #1 English learning VR app is full of useful features to ensure you grow your quality learning.


Learn Space

Develop your language skills with personalized worksheets, vocabulary recall games, listening activities, transcripts, pronunciation clinic and spelling check


Practice Reminders

You can track your improvement over time and set practice reminder notifications to have a long-lasting and deep learning.


Voice Analysis Technology

With the latest voice recognition and analysis technology, we can instantly pick up your errors and ask you to correct them as well as practicing on them in your Learn Space.


Latest VR Technology

Our app has programmed and developed by the most updated VR headsets. You can learn quality English by a Fully-immersive, Standalone VR that gives you the ability to use both hands in a 360-degree environment.


Conversational AI

You can enjoy having free discussion with Intelligent Personal Bot to develop the use of vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, etc as well as quick-thinking and impromptu speaking.


No Grammar Rules

When it comes to learning how to speak a language, CONFIDENCE is number one item to succeed than being worried about accuracy. In our app, grammar is just used as a sub-player.

image Scenarios

Some VR Scenarios

We have 90+ scenarios, 360+ role-play activities and too many worksheets.

VR learning sample scenario
VR learning sample scenario
VR learning sample scenario
VR learning sample scenario
VR learning sample scenario
VR learning sample scenario
VR learning sample scenario
VR learning sample scenario
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Pricing Plans

Risk-free for 7 days with our money-back guarantee.

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